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ABC show "In Concert", featuring Timothy Leary's interview with Billy Idol about the album "CyberPunk."

Timothy Leary interviews Billy Idol on ABC In Concert as part of promoting Idol's Cyberpunk album. Timothy Leary and Billy Idol see "cyber" as a way for people to know significantly more about how the world works, and then later subvert oppression.

Billy Idol discusses a small amount of the technology behind the Cyberpunk album. He notes about how it was completely produced on a computer. Timothy Leary sees Billy as "Creating his own reality."
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betty boop snow white 1933

Got a quick interview with one of The Residents eyeball after their Talking Light show.

Tahiti clip!

Luis Buñuel - French documentary

degeneration of punk


cabaret voltaire
psychic rally in heaven
Director: Derek Jarman
Year: 1981
Time: 8 mins
Music: Throbbing Gristle

new Prids video

Break from Gordon Nickel on Vimeo.


Bonaparte too much video

plastic flowers electro punk from italy 1983